Chris Morley is a Methodist Minister. He no longer has responsibility for a particular church but spends his time writing and broadcasting. Over the years he has specialised in working, through counselling and spiritual direction,. with people who want to enrich their lives by greater personal awareness and a deeper relationship with God. This site, which offered a thought for each weekday between March 2003 and December 2007, provided a daily aid to that end. Further information about Chris's current writing may be found on his website

Chris is a contributor to Pause for Thought on the Radio 2 Breakfast Show 'Wake up to Wogan'. Before retiring, he was minister of Haywards Heath Methodist Church. Before that, he worked in inner London for 20 years and served as a school and prison chaplain. He is married to Myriel, a therapist working from a spiritual perspective, and has three children and three stepchildren.