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Qian Fuchang plans to make history by writing his next novel "Outside the Fortress Besieged", a ‘steamy tale of illicit love’, exclusively for mobile phone users. They will receive it in the form of short messages, 60 chapters of 70 characters each.

A head teacher in London commented recently on how parents at her school’s gates conversed. One asks the other, ‘Shops?’ The second will say, ‘Yeah.’ ‘Ten?’ ‘Sure.’ And so on. She calls it ‘texting language’

An analysis of 350 Ofsted reports on British schools found that inspectors were concerned about the listening and speaking skills of half the four- and five-year olds starting school.

Using language in ways that really express the intended meaning is a delight for speaker and listener alike. Sometimes, we find it is only by trying to put into words an idea or an analysis of a situation or a feeling, that we really understand it for ourselves. The human capacity to grasp concepts depends on having the language skills to match.

We owe a lot to those who taught us to think and to create sentences of sufficient complexity to convey subtle and intricate ideas. Let’s be grateful today for the satisfaction we get when our use of words has enabled us to know what we think and say what we mean.